August 7, 2009

Money? Yes, please.

So, I think I've figured out the camera that I want.

This is the Nikon D60. As a recent college graduate, my pockets aren't deep. I know that I want a camera that can serve me well in years to come and will still a desirable piece of equipment as I learn more about photography.

On Amazon, I found one for $746 with a Nikkor 55-200mm lens. Is this a good deal? Any help with be of value. Or money. I'd gladly take your money!!

Photos to come. Until then, I'll paint my birding and life experiences with my words.



  1. Good luck! tweeted this out to never know..maybe some rich kind soul out there willing to help!

  2. I would check any prices you find on Amazon against what the big New York stores (B&H and Adorama) offer. That price seems reasonable for a D60 package, but it may or may not be the absolute best. Most reputable places will have more or less the same price for a new D60.

    As you try to figure out your camera purchase, take advantage of Flickr's camera finder. You can find other people using the same camera. Here's the page for the D60.

    Good luck!

  3. I agree with John's comments--survey the reputable sites and then choose. My last two purchases (Canon DSLRs) came from Amazon. The Canon 55-250 lens is a good start--may want to add a Kenko 1.4x teleconverter after you get comfortable