August 30, 2009


For the month of September I will be doing a BIBGY.
What's a BIGBY you ask?

BIGBY is short for Big Green Big Year. However, I'll be doing a Big Green Big Month. The whole concept is to see as many birds as possible while leaving the combustible engine at home. In Chicago, September is the month for fall warblers and I can't wait to get and see what I can see by foot, bike, skateboard, shopping name it!

This is going to be a great chance for me to appreciate the birds seen close to my house. I hope to have a good list to show you guys filled with surprises that might inspire enough to leave the car in the garage and take a walk outside your front door. We waste enough fuel taking planes to exotic locations or the car on twitches.

I'm not saying that taking trips are inherently's just a sobering thought that a lot of birders (including myself) care so much about the environment and the birds that live there, but haven't really stepped out to how global warming and our dependence of fossil fuels might be effecting our avian friends.

still no camera yet...but pictures of this September BIGBY are to come!!


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